Condo Documents

The governance of the 9400 Condominium is guided by a number of key documents.

The Declaration was the original legal document that established the condominium under Maryland law.  Among other things, it established the percentage ownership for each of the units for the purpose of assessments and voting.  You can view the original scanned image or an unofficial copy that is more readable.  The Declaration can be amended, but this requires the unanimous approval by unit owners.

The By-laws provide the governance details for the 9400 Condominium.  It can be, and has been, amended by vote of the unit owners.  You can read the original by-laws, the official currently applicable by-laws (from May 2014) or a more readable version.  

Articles of Incorporation
The Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Revival documents are posted here.

Maryland Condo Law
The Maryland Condominium Law a.k.a. The Annotated Code of Maryland Real Property Article, Title 11 governs both the Declaration and the By-laws.  A printable copy from 2017 can be found here and a current version of the law can be